Great Fall Giveaway-Savoring Living Water

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Congratulations to Jessie Bates who won the Cakes with Jaz giveaway!! She was also one of the winners in the Usborne Books giveaway! I promise I am using rafflecopters random picking. She’s just good at getting all her entries in.  :)

This week was going to be Dove Chocolate Discoveries but I forgot to get the 7 Up I needed to try the margarita mix.  LOL So we are going to do the Savoring Living Water book giveaway this week.

If you have been reading my blog you know that I have recently found and love the Do Not Depart blog.  It has tons of info on Bible study and memorization. I am currently slowly working on their Abiding Fruit study as part of Maximize your Mornings and loving it! I am also getting ready to start their Hiding His Word in My Heart challenge and was originally going to do Philippians but since I’ve been spending so much time in 1 John I’m thinking of memorizing that instead.

I kept hearing about this great book that they had written called Savoring Living Water and wanted to see if I could get a copy to give away to you my readers. Well, ask and you shall receive!  Then I asked my hubby if I could buy a copy for myself and he said sure. I’ve now read it and I love it. Many of you may not know this but I have my Bachelors of Ministry in Theology, so I do have some experience in Bible Study techniques.  However, I still found their book very enlightening and helpful. It is so encouraging and will give you practical step by step instructions for deepening your time in the Word.

And for every purchase of the ebook they will donate $2 to oneverse to translate the Bible into the native language of the Vidunda people. These people are without a single Bible in their language. Every 13 copies sold pays for the translation of one verse!  Wouldn’t it be cool if The Craft Home readers bought enough books to sponsor a few verses!!

I am so excited to be giving away a copy of this!! Just use the rafflecopter below to enter.  A winner will be randomly chosen next Monday.

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