My Weight Loss Journey Week #7

This is one of those weeks I’d rather not blog about. It was not a great week at all as far as exercise and eating go.  I gained 2 pounds this week.  (hangs head in shame)  I ate horribly!  In case you were wondering you can not lose weight while eating McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Burger King, nor can you lose weight by eating a ton of sweets. So at least I learned that this week. Okay that was totally sarcastic I really knew better I just didn’t care.  Monday started pretty good. I did my workout at least but then Tuesday I just stretched and Wednesday I got up to do my workout and couldn’t because my knee was in excruciating pain.  It is better now though.  My shoulder is still giving me trouble.  I supposed I just got overwhelmed couldn’t work out so I hate horrible too. I didn’t track what I ate. Basically I acted like I wasn’t trying to lose weight.

But now it is time to look forward.  What is the plan now.  This week I go to the doctor on Tuesday to talk to him about my shoulder and other pain I’ve been having. So that’s a start on getting back on the workout train. Tomorrow morning I will get up and do as much of the workout as I can without injuring myself further.  I WILL track what I eat and stay within my points.  (repeat to self 100 times)  I will not beat myself up about this week.  It is time to move onward and upward or downward depending on how you look at it.  LOL

4 thoughts on “My Weight Loss Journey Week #7

  1. Good luck! I was flat for two straight weeks (not good 4 weeks postpartum!), but lost 4 lbs my first week off dairy…not expecting that rate to last, but it was a nice jumpstart. :)

  2. I know that this week has been rough on you. I am proud of you for being able to look back and reflect on what has happened. It is so easy to fall back into unhealthy eating when we have a physical setback. Don’t beat yourself up my friend. You CAN do this. It is a journey and it will take time.

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