Happy New Year! And a giveaway

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Happy New Year!! I can hardly believe it is 2012. So much I want to accomplish this year. Right up on the top of my list is getting in shape, losing weight, and getting a handle on this fibromyalgia. What a better way to start the new year than with a great giveaway to get you started on all your health goals. When I posted to facebook a few months back that I was going to do some giveaways on my blog Heather Dubay responded right away. I had no idea what I was in for. :) She is a coach with Beachbody, you know the ones that created the infamous P90X. She gave me Slim in 6, a fabulous fitness program, to try out and she is now my fitness coach. The best part is definitely having her as a coach. If you have been wanting to get in shape this is the way to do it. She is super encouraging and there for you all throughout your journey. She has been with me through the highs and through the lows of being diagnosed with fibro and having to figure out what that all meant. And now she is going to start texting me every morning so I’ll get my butt out of bed and start working out.

The fitness program she gave me is amazing! It includes three DVDS with three different workouts. The idea is to do the first for two weeks, the second for two weeks, and the third for two weeks. This gives you a 6 week transformation. It also includes an ab video and a stretching video. And wait there’s more…LOL It has a weight resistance band and a eating program. Beachbody does a great job of making all of their programs a complete fitness program. Not just exercising but also teaching you how to eat. I’m telling you this is where it is at!

I also signed up for her website and have a great way to track my workouts. Beachbody gives away cash to people just for tracking their workout in the supergym. And when you sign up for the Beachbody challenge and complete your fitness program they will send you a T-shirt! There is so much motivation it’s amazing. Plus Heather does extra little contests and challenges all the time. If you have been looking for a way to get in shape but can’t afford a gym membership or can’t leave the house much like me this is the way to go.

Now on to the giveaway. Heather is giving away the Slim in 6 Program she sent me. That is an amazing giveaway and a great way to start out the year. Plus you will get Heather as a coach and that is priceless. Just follow the guidelines before in the rafflecopter.

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8 thoughts on “Happy New Year! And a giveaway

  1. I have many fitness goals this year. my yearly goal is to lose 60lbs! Being a stay at home mommy. i need workouts that are fun and that i can do during naptime if need be. Slim in 6 would definitely help me achieve that!

  2. My fitness goal is to lose 14 pounds and be able to run 30 minutes straight again. I want to be in awesome shape and have tons of shape like I did last fall :)

  3. As a single Mom, it’s hard to find time and ways to work out! I need something fun and motivating that I can do after the kiddos go to sleep!!

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