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We live in a world that is full of information.  We are constantly bombarded with words from a variety of sources.  When we are out driving there are billboards and signs.  When we are shopping there are video ads and in store radio ads.  When we are on the Internet there is facebook, twitter, news feeds, podcasts, radio…..the list goes on and on.  Not all of these things are bad but do we really NEED all the information that is pumped at as daily? Do we choose the best sources of information to keep our focus where it should be?  What should we be focused on?

For me the biggest source of information and cause of information overload is Facebook. I find myself mindlessly reading through status updates and making sure I don’t miss a single one. A few minutes in I am a zombie, getting confused and sucked in to the computer.  I start to hardly know what is going on around me.  And what for?  Just so I can know that Sally just checked in at the store and Fred just went and took a nap.  Is this really the information I need?  What happened to having actual friendships.  We have all gotten so used to just typing what is going on in our facebook status that we forget to truly connect one on one with people.  I find when I am making sure I know all there is to know about facebook my home suffers, my relationships with others suffer, but most of all my relationship with my Maker suffers. How can I meditate on the Lord and on His Word while my mind is constantly keeping up to date with every friend and acquaintance I’ve had since elementary school?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying facebook is horrible.  I keep up with a few of my friends that way and it helps me know how to pray and if I should call them up and see if they need a helping hand. I’ve also found friends that way, in particular my best friend from high school who I had been searching for for years. Yes, there are benefits to facebook, but we have to decide how and when to use it and not let it control our lives. We have to take control of what our minds are focused on.  As Christian wives and mothers we should be focused on God’s Word, on making our houses homes, and on being the best wives and moms possible.

I have decided to spend more time blogging and reading others blogs and less time “doing” facebook.  I started this two days ago and it is going great!  I just go on to check my messages and keep track of some things I am selling.  I have posted a few updates and checked on a few of my close friends but other than that I don’t go to facebook or even keep the window open.  It is so freeing!!  I am doing other things on the Internet that I’ve wanted to do, like write on my blog and read others blogs.  I’ve got ideas for future posts, link ups, things to do around my house….the ideas are endless. It’s amazing what we can think of and dream of when our minds aren’t cluttered with useless information.

I challenge you to change how you use facebook. Maybe like me you need to mostly avoid it all together.  Or set a time limit each day. Our families and relationships are waiting for us.

Leave me a comment and let me know how you plan to manage information overload or how you already are managing it.

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  1. I don’t think I can do it, lol. I have been working very hard at trying to limit my time though. I’ve definitely seen a difference.

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