Intentional Goal Setting – Balanced Challenge Day 1

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This post is part of the Balancedchallenge with Tricia Goyer—and you can join, too!

I’m so excited to be doing the Balanced Challenge with Tricia Goyer. She has come out with her first self-published book on how to be Balanced when you are a work at home mom, but I think most of the principles could probably be used for most any mom. :)

So as part of the challenge we are reading a chapter each day and then blogging about it. Today was chapter 1 which is about Family Priorities.  The question she challenges you to think about is where do you want your family to be ten years from now? WOW, that really gets you thinking. I have visions of where I would like my family to be but when I think about them and whether I’m working towards them I’d have to say I’m not. I mean in five years my oldest will be 14 almost 15!! That really makes me think wow I don’t have much time and then in ten years he will be out of the house. So below are what I would like my family to look like.

Family Priorities

1. Close family that enjoys spending time together.

2. Kids that love to read and use their imaginations.

3. Kids who are compassionate and care about the needs of others, whether that be their family or globally.

4. We want to produce children who have learned what they love to do and find a way to do that for a living.

5. A mom and dad who are still passionately in love with each other and demonstrate for their children daily what a Godly marriage looks like.

Now of course these are in addition to the obvious ones like having children who love God and His Word, that’s a given. Having these priorities and thinking about where I want my kids to be in five to ten years really helps me focus on what is important today. It will help to be able to ask myself if what I am doing today will produce the results I dream of.

How would you answer that question? Leave me a response in the comments. I’d love to hear from you.

6 thoughts on “Intentional Goal Setting – Balanced Challenge Day 1

  1. This is excellent, Tiffany! I think you’ve whittled it down to what most of us desire for our families. It is thought-provoking to contemplate 10 years down the road…for me this would mean an empty nest. I wish I’d jumped on board with this 11 day challenge. I confess, I got busy and didn’t look into it when you sent the invite my way. Probably just as well for now. Don’t stop the invites for such things, my friend. I will jump in one of these times. :)
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  2. Hi Tiffany! I just joined the challenge – thank you for number 5 – it helped me voice one of my own priorities a little better :) Good luck getting your business started – I’ll send an extra prayer your way!

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