Your Work – Balance Challenge Day 2

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This post is part of the Balancedchallenge with Tricia Goyer—and you can join, too!

I made it! I’m actually doing the challenge 2 days in a row. For me that’s amazing (consistency is something I struggle with). :)

Today’s chapter is about your work and how that can benefit when you work from home. Lots of interesting thoughts in this chapter especially for me as I just start getting my business going. Today Tricia challenged us to look at these questions:

What can you do or change to make working from home actually work for you? Creating an office space? Cleaning up that office space? Looking into finding a babysitter for a few hours a day? Take the first steps in making the change, then take a photo of your progress and post it on your blog.

For me it would be cleaning up my office space and to stop getting distracted by the internet and other things. Right now my office/craft room is a mess because we moved desks around and my back has not allowed me to clean it up the way I need to. Once it’s cleaned up then I can find all the supplies I need to get the undyed yarn I have sitting in a box dyed up and labeled and for sale. So today that will be my focus. I don’t think I will get it all done today but some progress will be nice. I’ll post my before picture now and then hopefully later today I will come back to this post and had a progress picture for you all. This means less time wasted on facebook and more time focused on getting things done. :) Challenge accepted!

Before craft room and office


After pictures:







Let me know what you could do to be more productive in your work at home in the comments. I love to hear from you.


4 thoughts on “Your Work – Balance Challenge Day 2

  1. Tiffany,

    I love this post.

    I appreciate the fact that you included this picture of a room that is not perfectly organized the way you desire it to be. I find that I avoid going to blogs that only show “pleasantly organized and decorated rooms” because I don’t think that’s real life (for me and probably a lot of people).

    Because of you, I was inspired to post the picture of my less than appealing desk area in my post for Day 2 of the Balanced Challenge. Thank you for the inspiration! I linked to your post in mine to give you the inspirational credit.

    I can’t wait to see your after picture!

    Kelly Stoner

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m hoping to read some of the other people’s who are doing the challenge this weekend and yours will be at the top of the list. I didn’t get my after picture yet because there isn’t one. Maybe by the end of the challenge. :)

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