Being Creative and Sculpting with ARTistic Pursuits – Review

ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Review

ARTistic Pursuits Inc. is a company that we fell in love with after our first run on the Schoolhouse Review Crew. They explain art in such a fun and creative way allowing for the child’s creativity to come through in the project instead of being super rigid with the instructions but more on that later. This time around we got a chance to review Sculpture Technique Construct.


ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Review

The book is recommended for ages 11-18, and may I add on up. I couldn’t get in on the fun because of my health issues but my friend that was helping my oldest with the projects was quite enjoying herself and she was 27 and I could see myself enjoying it as well. 🙂 I think if you had a very artistic younger child who was not easily frustrated that they could also use this book. The purpose of this book is to learn how to work within three dimensions. This book teaches the process of working with different mediums while letting the students use these materials immediately. They get to pick subject matter that is interesting to them. My son is currently working on sculpting a Captain America shield. So even though the projects and mediums are laid out for them what they decide to make can be tailored to their tastes because unlike a craft book they are learning how the different mediums work and then getting to use those skills to come up with their own projects.

There are four units in this book: creating form in papermaking, creating planes in cardboard, creating motion with paper-mache, and creating volume with wire. Overall there are twelve very involved projects in this book easily making it something that could fill a whole year or more of artistic endeavors. Each unit starts out explaining a bit about that form of sculpture. We just started unit one but we found the beginning info fascinating. We got to learn about an artist that makes big origami structures and how he does it. It was so interesting.

Then we learn about the materials we will be using and a project page that shows what is possible for the project you will be making. This starts to get the juices flowing. My son had some grand ideas for his first project but we paired it down to the Captain America shield and then if he likes it and wants to work on something bigger he wants to make a low-relief handmade paper form of a bald eagle, his favorite animal. The pictures and descriptions in the book make it so easy to spark the imaginations of the child. Even my boy who is usually not easily motivated by words.

Next comes the project and it is laid out so easily in the book. There are pictures to guide you and even spots that tell you when you NEED to stop and let things dry. Everything is laid out step by step. I was really thoroughly impressed with it. I’m so not artsy. I’m very crafty but crafty and artsy are too very different things. 🙂 Thankfully the steps are easy to read and understand and if you are confused the pictures are their to help guide you (well I suppose that is mainly helpful to me since I am a pictorial learner). Make sure to check out the page for the Sculpture Technique Construct book because they have great pdfs so you can see exactly what I am talking about here and even up above (which is why I didn’t add pictures).

Because of how crazy my health has been and how many doctors I have been in and out of lately this was a harder product for us to get to the project on right away. We are still on the phase of making our paper for the project but Ben is thoroughly enjoying himself and once I got the supplies he has been able to do most of it on his own even though he is on the younger end of the age range for this book. I love how creative it is allowing him to be and how much he is enjoying the process. I’m including some pictures below of the paper making process. All in all we are really enjoying this as I knew we would because all of ARTistic Pursuits Inc. products are amazing.I highly recommend getting something from them to add in some creativity to your homeschooling week. It’s such a great way for your kids to get that wonderful part of them out. God made all of us to have a creative side and we need to foster it in our children. Make sure to scroll down below the pictures and check out my fellow crew member’s reviews as well.

  • Red Paper Pulp
  • Blending More Red Paper
  • Blending Red Paper
  • Pulling Red Paper
  • Pulling Red Paper
  • Red Paper Pulled
  • Getting Water Out
  • Pushing Down Hard
  • Pulling Blue Paper


ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Review

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