I Went to Church!!

I can’t believe that is such a big thing but with all the health issues I’ve been going through lately this has become a huge accomplishment. It’s super frustrating to always have a back issue or migraine or concussion or someone sick or bad fibro day that keeps you from fellowshiping. Especially since we aren’t really established in our church yet and so we don’t know many people in our new church. I feel so alone when it comes to that. Our church has a women’s breakfast coming up this Saturday that I want to try to make it to but now I’m coming down with a nasty sinus infection so I’m not sure I’ll make it. I’m on antibiotics so hopefully by then all will be well. Please pray with me that my family will be able to go to church more consistently. My daughter prays every night that we will be able to go to church that week. It breaks this momma’s heart that that can’t always be the case. I want answers and relief from my chronic pain and whatever is going on with my back right now. Pray for wisdom for the new back doctor I just got into that he will be able to give me some sort of relief. Above all pray that God will continue to give me His grace to learn how to walk during this season and that my children will learn and have happy memories of this time and not just memories of mom’s constant pain.

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