Practicing Handwriting with Homeschool Copywork – Review

Homeschool Copywork Review
I truly believe that continuing to teach our kids how to print and write in cursive is very important. I know there are those in our country who are starting to lean away from writing, especially cursive, because most things are done on computer now, but there is still so much value in being able to write, especially when it comes to being able to go back and read what others have written before us. But anyway I digress. Because I think this is so important I am always looking for ways to keep my children’s handwriting practice continuing. I have known of Homeschool Copywork since my friend Amy started it way back when. I actually met Amy on the crew. Anyway, for this review Amy was generous enough to give us a Lifetime Membership.

Let’s talk a bit more though about what copywork is. While it does help with handwriting, which is one of the main reasons I wanted it, it also helps with so much more. It helps with spelling, punctuation, grammar, vocabulary, learning about great writing, reading comprehension, and the list goes on. It is one of the things that Charlotte Mason talked about a lot. When you have children do copywork from great pieces of literature they are learning not only how to write good but what good writing looks like. They are learning where the punctuation goes, what the words look like when they are spelled correctly, and so on. That is why copywork is so beneficial and can really help children who are struggling with handwriting and growing weary of writing the same letters over and over and over again.

Homeschool Copywork has such a great variety of copywork available to you. There is everything from pages for your youngest preschoolers to your high schoolers. We ended up using some with my two youngest and then with my oldest who is 11 and I’ll share about them below. First, thought, I’ll tell you about the child that this didn’t really work for….yet. My 7 year old is still learning to form her letters and is at that point where we are formally learning how to do them. We are using another program to do this and she is really thriving. I looked at all the pages that I thought she would enjoy from Homeschool Copywork and I found that they didn’t offer enough room for her to fit the words on the page with how she writes right now. They do offer additional pages to be able to add so that you can make it work but I knew with her personality it would just frustrate her at this point. That being said I also know that if I just give it a year or even just 6 more months and she is going to fall in love with so many of the things on the site and be enthralled with copying the text and coloring the gorgeous pictures. She loves God’s Word and so I know she will especially love the ones that are from the Bible. So while it didn’t fit for her now I know it will very soon.


Now let’s talk about my two youngest. Zeke and Enoch are 5 and 4 and are both doing preschool. Zeke is delayed in his fine motor skills so he mainly just colored the pages and tried to trace the letters and then scribbled when he got frustrated but I was still glad to see a little bit of effort on his part. Enoch would color and then depending on the mood he was in he would either just color his letters or he would trace them. What I loved though is that both of them would ask me what the letter was and what the picture was and we would talk about the sounds and stuff. They loved that they were doing school like brother and sister. It was such a great way for them to have a “big” kid book of handwriting practice and I can see us continuing to use others that are on the site.


The copywork for the older grades allows for various types of handwriting, line types, translations of the Bible, ect. Each file is different but there are loads of options which is great, but make sure not to just go in and press print you want to make sure you are only printing what you need. For my oldest we used the Armor of God Copywork which is just the passage from Ephesians. I loved that he was copying the Word of God and he loved that here were all sorts of medieval pictures. 🙂 For the most part he was willing to do this without to much complaining. He hates writing so it is tough to get him to enjoy it, which is typical boy. I only made him do it twice a week however which made him happy. He is very interested in trying the Dragons of the Bible one and I know there are others that will interest him. There really are a lot of great ones for boys on the site.


Overall we really, truly have enjoyed using Homeschool Copywork and I highly recommend it. If you are already incorporating copywork in to your homeschooling journey than it is a great tool to have in your toolbox and if not than it is a great way to get started.


Homeschool Copywork Review

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