Angels in the Fire by Dann Stadler – Book Review

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 Angels in the Fire is the true story of the horrific crash and recovery of Tracey and Dann Stadler. They were hit head on by a drunk driver who was going the wrong way on a divided highway. The story chronicles God’s miracles throughout the crash, recovery, and other hardships they have faced. This is a book that reminds us that the miraculous does still happen.

Parts of this book were tough for me as I’m not sure what I thought of the validity of the accounts but no matter how you look at it you can’t deny God’s hand in their lives, just like we can’t deny it on our own. This book encourages you on your walk to remember that God is with us in the midst of our trials.

I received a free copy of this product from Bethany House in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations. 

Know Orphans by Rick Morton – Book Review

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About the book: The global orphan crisis is complex. The church’s response should be comprehensive, but is it? In this provocative follow-up to Orphanology, author Rick Morton provides the framework for families and churches to have a gospel-centered response to the growing global issue of orphan care.

KnowOrphans addresses three distinct areas associated with global orphanology. Delving deeper into the criticisms of the movement, the need for reform, and what families can expect, author Rick Morton helps shape realistic perceptions of the challenges and rewards adoptive parents face in transnational adoptions. Through illuminating the work internationally adoptive families can expect, KnowOrphans offers solutions for the church in remedying the ills and deficiencies surrounding the church’s role in equipping and supporting families before, during, and after the adoption process. Knowing that the church’s response and attitude should be one that goes beyond adoption, KnowOrphans also addresses the complexities of how Christians are to respond ethically, compassionately, and comprehensively to the biblical call to care for orphans.

KnowOrphans is the next step in conversation as this evangelically based movement of orphan care matures and begins to live out James 1:27 globally.
My Thoughts: This book took me forever to get through. It was very boring and not engaging at all. I wish it had been written better perhaps with more stories. It seemed very much like a twitter book. As though he didn’t have much to say and just kept saying the same things over and over. I’m so glad I finally finished it.
I received a free copy of this product from Litfuse in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.

Beautiful on the Mountain by Jeannie Light – Book Review

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 Beautiful on the Mountain is the true story of Jeannie Light and her years of ministry to the people of Graves Hill in the rural mountains of Virginia. Jeannie had to leave her role as manager of a plantation in Virginia and living in a mansion with very little worries when her husband divorced her. She had been given some land in the mountains as part of the divorce settlement, but little did she know that they would want her to reopen the church and how God would lead her.

This is a beautiful story that inspires you to rely on God and His Word and love others with the love of Christ. Jeannie beautifully retells the stories of her time. I really enjoyed this book and was encouraged to obey the Lord and begin to look for ways to love and serve others. If you enjoyed books such as the Mitford series and Christy you will really enjoy this true story.

All for a Sister by Allison Pittman – Book Review

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 All for a Sister is the third in a series about the 20s from Allison Pittman. I love these time period and have really enjoyed these books but this one is by far the best yet. The writing is so much better and the story line so diverse. Celeste has it all and is rising as a starlit in Hollywood. Dana, however, has been in prison for most of her life due to being unfairly imprisoned. But why did Celeste’s mom give half of the home to Dana when she died? What do the two girls have in common?

This is a story of two girls learning about themselves and the lies and secrets that have created their lives. It goes back and forth in time and also to Celeste’s mom’s death bed confession. It is beautifully written and very intriguing. I highly recommend it.

If I Had Lunch with C.S. Lewis by Alister McGrath – Book Review

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 I love C.S. Lewis. I have loved him since high school and I even took a class on him in college. He fascinates me and his writing is amazing. So I was really excited to see this book on the Tyndale Summer Reading Program. Alister McGrath, the author, has written a fabulous biography on C.S. Lewis as well. This book is imagining that we have some lunches with C.S. Lewis and talk about some of the major themes of his life and work. The author does not make it cheesy by pretending to create dialogue, instead he shares what C.S. Lewis would have thought on such topics as faith, education, suffering, literature, and heaven. He shares from C.S. Lewis’ writings on these topics and brings further insights as a man who has studied Lewis thoroughly.

I loved this book. I think it’s a great introduction to Lewis and his thoughts and works. It truly made me want to read many of his books and feel more confident in them because I kind of have an overview of them now. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to start reading Lewis or any fan of Lewis. It’s fabulous!

The Antelope in the Living Room by Melanie Shankle – Book Review

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 Melanie Shankle, the author of The Sparkly Green Earrings, has done it again! If you have never read any Melanie Shankle, blogger at Big Mama, you are missing out. She is hilarious but also packs in some great nuggets of truth. This newest book is about marriage. It’s a fabulous look at the messy parts of marriage and what we can learn from them with lots and lots of humor thrown in. I was laughing out loud constantly and occasionally with tears. My hubby kept giving me weird glances. If you haven’t read any of Melanie’s work this is a great book to start with.

Life Support by Candace Calvert – Book Review

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 Life Support by Candace Calvert is the third book in the Grace Medical series. Candace Calvert is a former ER nurse and brings that knowledge into her books. This story follows Lauren Barclay who is a ER nurse. She has recently moved back to Houston to keep an eye on her troubled sister. This brings her closer to PA Eli Landry who has caused turmoil in her family and in her heart. Can she help her sister and guard her heart from Eli? Or does God have other plans?

This is a good quick Christian romance read. It would make a great beach book or just casual reading. As normal, Candace brings the ER and hospital to life since she’s lived it.


The Auschwitz Escape by Joel C. Rosenberg – Book Review

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 Oh how I love Joel C. Rosenberg! He is by far my favorite male Christian author. His fiction books are always epic and big reads with lots of character development and action. The Auschwitz Escape did not disappoint on this front. This was his first foray into historical fiction and he did a fabulous job. This novel is about the death camp Auschwitz during World War 2. It is a fabulous story of the underground following one man in particular but with lots of other side characters. Jacob Weisz is the main character and we follow him from before the threats on the Jews to ending up in camp and trying to escape, as the title would suggest.

This book gives us a great picture of the atrocities that were happening and really makes you think about what you would do as a Christian in similar circumstances. So many true Christians died for trying to help save the Jews. Joel C. Rosenburg’s writing is so well done that you can picture the death camps and smell the stench of the burning bodies. I highly recommend this book. It will change your outlook on life and history.

Bout of Books 11 Goals and Progress Updates

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Bout of Books

I’m so super excited for Bout of Books 11 to start tomorrow! This is my goals post and I will be updating it with my progress throughout the week. If I get real ambitious I may do some additional posts with video updates but we shall see. :)


Time Devoted to Reading

I will be reading all week long and as much as humanly possible with four kids.


My Goals

  • I want to read 10 books during the week from the Tyndale Summer Reading Program. I have a large stack of them ready to read and on my kindle as well.
  • ETA on 8/19 – Put up at least one booktube video to get out of my slump. This will require figuring out a new video editing software.


Number of books I’ve read today: Didn’t finish any but worked on one a little bit
Total number of books I’ve read: 0
Books: Reading Life Support by Candace Calvert

Today was a bit difficult. I’m a Minecraft nerd and my friends and I started a new server with a new mod pack which has made it hard to focus on reading. But tomorrow is a new day and I will read more.

Number of books I’ve read today: Didn’t finish any but worked on one a little bit
Total number of books I’ve read: 0
Books: Still reading Life Support by Candace Calvert

Today I homeschooled most of the day and then had to go to the doctor. I had to hurry home to try to feed the kids before Ben had his first football practice. We ended up eating leftover pizza and hurrying out the door so we could make it to the parent meeting. I was hoping to get some reading in at practice but I’m blessed to have three other Christian moms on the team and we sat and chatted. Once I got home I had a horrible headache and just went to sleep.  Tomorrow is a new day!

Number of books I’ve read today: Worked on two different ones
Total number of books I’ve read: 0
Books: Still reading Life Support by Candace Calvert and While the World Watched by Carolyn Maull McKinstry and Denise George

I got quite a bit more reading in yesterday. I feel like I’m gaining momentum but need to really up the pace tomorrow.

Number of books I’ve read today: Working on one
Total number of books I’ve read: 0
Books: Still reading Life Support by Candace Calvert and While the World Watched by Carolyn Maull McKinstry and Denise George

I didn’t get much done today as my headache was super bad by the time I had time to read. This headache is really getting in the way of bout of books.

Number of books I’ve read today: 1
Total number of books I’ve read: 1
Books: Finished Life Support by Candace Calvert, started The Auschwitz Escape by Joel C. Rosenberg

My headache was worse today than it has been so far. But I found laying down and reading was the best way to deal with it so that’s what I did. Finally finished one book.

Number of books I’ve read today: Worked on reading The Auschwitz Escape by Joel C. Rosenburg
Total number of books I’ve read: 1
Books: Finished Life Support by Candace Calvert, reading The Auschwitz Escape

Today was a busy day but I did get some reading in. I am obviously not going to make my goal of 10 books but I at least want to finish two. Here’s too tomorrow…the last day!

Number of books I’ve read today: 1
Total number of books I’ve read: 2
Books: Finished Life Support by Candace Calvert and The Auschwitz Escape by Joel C. Rosenburg

I made it! I finished two books and learned a ton about how a read a thon works. I’ll be posting a wrap up soon.

Skrafty Homeschool Minecraft Review and Giveaway

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SKrafty Reviews and Giveaways


It’s back to school time, and for homeschool families – that means gathering curriculum, planning and finding new ways to inspire kids in their studies. SKrafty Homeschool Minecraft is the perfect way to add the fun and inspiration you need.

This fall, the class line up is spectacular! If you need homeschool math, science, bible, history, language arts or more . . . you are in for a treat. Using some of your favorite homeschool curriculum companies (including Apologia Science, Mystery of History, and A+ Interactive Math) you’ll learn to incorporate Minecraft projects into your family homeschool.

SKrafty Classes

See all the new classes SKrafty has to offer HERE

Find out more about the fully monitored SKrafty Minecraft server where it is safe for your family and children – and get whitelisted for FREE right HERE.

SKrafty is specially designed and the rules are constructed to encourage good sportsmanship – with no griefing allowed, no bad language or ugly talk, and no sharing of outside links to protect your children. See a full list of rules HERE.

What other parents are saying about SKrafty Homeschool Minecraft:

“Since starting Skrafty my son has blossomed. His typing has gotten a lot better. School work is not a chore any more I just give him the list of what needs to be done and he does it. He finds the lessons entertaining and engaging and he loves the activities that go along with them. We are all very grateful for Skrafty.” ~ Cheryl J.

“My son enjoys playing on Skrafty with other kids and I love that it is a safe, moderated Minecraft server! While playing on Skrafty he has learned creative building, developed critical thinking skills, made friends, and learned to be a team player. The classes have been fun and the reading program has encouraged him to read more than ever. Skrafty has been such a blessing to our family!” ~Julie B.

Special needs learning:

“Skrafty has been a huge blessing to our family! My son with dyslexia is not only learning but enjoying learning!!!! His reading and writing have developed more with Skrafty than any other program we have used. The classes are engaging because they are so hands on and truly turn learning into an adventure. I so highly recommend Skrafty!” ~ Caroline D.


What we learned:

We haven’t gotten a chance to do a class yet because of how our summers work but my oldest will be starting it soon so watch for a review of that part of this amazing server. We have, however, been playing on the server for quite awhile. Both my son and I are whitelisted, me longer than him because I wanted to check it out. I’m one of the rare moms who is more addicted to Minecraft than her son. :) When he plays he has to ask me how to make things and do things because I’m like the Minecraft encyclopedia around here.

My husband and I watch many youtube Minecraft videos and have seen lots of mini games played. My son has also seen us watching these and wants to play them but there was no way I was going to let him on an unmoderated server with lots of cussing and such. Then I found Skrafty and saw it was moderated, Christian, and had mini games and other cool server things he had wanted to play with.

I think my favorite thing about the server is that he and I can get on at the same time and play fun mini games together without the junk. That is by far our favorite thing to do. He also loves to jump on and explore the Bible exhibit and other fun things. Skrafty is truly a wonderful thing for our family.


Extremely affordable classes (between $6.99 – $32.00) make it easy to add creativity and excitement into your education at home. Sign up HERE for live classes or self-paced classes and begin your journey into the world of homeschool Minecraft with SKrafty.

Giveaway Companies – Multiple Winners!

SKrafty Giveaways


Check out all the wonderful companies and prizes you can win for your family homeschool:

3 SKrafty Fall Classes - Value up to $32 each

Mystery of History Volume 1,2, or 3 & Super Supplemental – Value $150

A+ Interactive Math - Family Package for 3 Students – Value $450

Adventures In ChildRearing - Wildlife Adventures bundle- Value $27.99

We Choose Virtues - Homeschool Kit – Value $98.99

Sidetracked Sarah – Crockpot Freezer Meals 3 pack – Value $8.97

Moore Family Films - ABC Say it With Me – Value $15.99

Not Consumed - Back to School 4 Pack – Value $12.50

Teach Them Diligently – Family Pass to 1 Convention – Value $65

Homeschool Adventure Co. – Philippians in 28 Weeks – Value $18.95

Media Angels – Homeschool Moms Rescue Set – Value $9.99

A Journey Through Learning - Math Lapbook - Value$15.00

Dave Ramsey – Financial Peace Jr. – Value $24.95


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