Welcome to my blog, The Crafty Home. It is my prayer that you will be encouraged as you visit my home on the internet. My primary blogging interest for the last few years has been on the subject of knitting. However, during this time God has brought many more passions into my life; passions revolving around the central value of biblical womanhood. I yearn to share these passions with you and encourage you to live a counter culture life. I want to share my adventures in being a Biblical wife and mother, being a homeschooling mom; offer book reviews; and write about knitting, quilting, cooking, and all of the things that make up my life.

There aren’t many women, even in Evangelical Christian circles, who are living a life that is centered on the home. I believe God intended for our lives to be focused on building a loving nurturing home upon the firm foundation of Christ and His Word, under the spiritual leadership of our husbands. I desire for my life, blog, and home to be a witness as to how God designed family and womanhood. I believe that when more of us begin to follow God with our whole hearts, and live counter to our culture, we will have a positive impact upon the world. In this day and time it is more important than ever that we stand as a light in the dark and raise godly children who will go forth from our homes and glorify Christ.

So now that you know the background for this blog, let me tell you a little more about me. I am happily married to my husband Zeb, and our blended family consists of ourselves and our four children: seven year old Ben, three year old Hadassah, one year old Zeke, and 7 month old Enoch. It is our conviction that because children are a blessing from the Lord, we should allow Him to direct how many children we have and how far apart they are. That is just a little taste of our life. As you continue to read I will share more of our life and you will learn more about me and my family.

So pull up a chair and a cup of tea and make yourself at home. God bless you as you pursue the calling that He has for you.

To contact me directly you can email me at tiffany@thecraftyhome.net

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